Steal My Lewk: Electric Barbie – Riot Fest Day 3

Riot Fest has been AMAZING!

Today I’m busting out my final Riot Fest look: Electric Barbie! In keeping with our amazing themes, Polly is working her look: Electric Midge! (Look for her post).

I am wearing  J. Valentine and I decided to go with leggings and a tank top for the final day of our Chicago adventure.  Wrangling stocking on and off of my sweaty legs in a cramped bathroom has been a LOT of work this weekend.    The leggings definitely made things a little easier.   I made my hair pieces from mesh tubing sewn to elastics that are mounted on hair combs (I’m so crafty!). They came out great and they are super lightweight while still being glamazon huge and very sparkly. I put my hair in to two pigtails/buns and slide the combs in behind the hair elastics. I used some bobby pins to get things under control and went on my way to rock out. My makeup was also fun and sparkly pink!   I got the most compliments on my hair, but my boots were a close second.   They are huge (of course) and PINK!  They’re from Demonia and I had to look pretty hard to find them since I think it’s a discontinued style.   Oddly , they are sold in men’s sizes, so I’m glad I managed to get the correct size.    I had a scare because it didn’t look like they were going to arrive in time to bring with me to Chicago, but they did!!!!  Thank you express shipping!   I broke out my trusty UPF cycling shrug, sunglasses and a visor during the day to avoid burning my vampire toned skin, but they came off in the evening.   The finishing touch was the awesome pink zombie necklace that Polly got for me.   Thanks, lady!

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