Riotfest 2017

Well, we made it home from Chicago! What a fun weekend… as always. Riotfest Douglas Park Year 2 is in the books. I brought home lots of merch, as well as great memories, blisters, bruises, viral bronchitis, and thankfully, my dignity.

Riotfest is a great way to check off bands on your bucket list, if you have one. I didn’t know I had one until we went to Riotfest last year and I began making a mental list and checking them off. This year we were able to catch The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, GBH, Buzzcocks, Gwar, Peaches, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pennywise, Action Bronson, Bad Brains, Dinosaur Jr, Ministry, Gogol Bordello, Danzig, Mike D, Wu-Tang Clan, MIA, Prophets of Rage, New Order, and Nine Inch Nails. We also saw GBH and The Casualties at an after party, as well as Gogol Bordello and Lucky Chops at an after party another night. For the most part, every act we saw was amazing, especially considering the heat of the afternoons and the sun beating down on the outdoor stages.

This year, Riotfest did something a little different, kicking off the weekend with a RiotFEAST; a pop-up restaurant serving a multi-course, carnival inspired meal for about 30 people at a communal table. There is a running joke at Riotfest that has something to do with John Stamos, so naturally our butter was carved to look like Uncle Jesse himself. The food was good, even for this picky eater, and the friends we made were even better. Following dinner, we stuck around a bit for Emo Karaoke, which is exactly what it sounds like… a bunch of Emo kids scream-singing Taking Back Sunday songs. It was a lot of fun, considering.

ANYWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY… if you have the chance to go to Riotfest 2018, please do. It is well worth the money. I’m unsure how long the Riotfeast pop-up will be around, but if you find yourself in Chicago any time soon, you should check it out.

Now onto my costumes for the weekend… Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many super good full-body photos in our costumes, so you’ll just have to imagine what I looked like. I’ll post links to all the items I can, in case you’re interested in purchasing anything I wore.

Thursday night Riotfest – Big Top Circus Theme – I went as the Ringmaster, Bubbles was a clown. I purchased the hat from Amazon and glued it to a headband. The jacket was also an Amazon purchase. Under the jacket, I wore a bralet from Torrid. Striped shorts came from Coquetry Clothing (they’re special ordered), red nets from Amazon, and the boots are from Just Fab.

Friday was Dragon Day and I know for sure I don’t have a photo of my outfit. However, the shorts, tank, and hood all came from Coquetry Clothing, and the boots were from Dolls Kill.

Saturday was Mermaid Day. Bubbles made my Cyberlox hair and I made the mermaid crown. My makeup was so much fun! I put a fishnet over my head to make scales using eyeshadows and glitter (Genius right?! Man I love the internet.) The skirt, cheekies under the skirt, and tank came from Coquetry Clothing and the boots were from Dolls Kill. Our dead seahorse necklaces came from Amazon.

Sunday was Electric Barbie and Midge and this was the most comfortable of all costumes for me. By Sunday morning the bottoms of my feet were killing me and my heals were both covered in half-dollar sized blisters. Thankfully the boots I wore Thursday night went well with my dress so I paired them and skipped on the fishnets (Chub Rub is real, y’all). The dress and cheekies under it were from… you guessed it, Coquetry Clothing. I kept my MUAH fairly simple, using the blues from my Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay liner, and Too Faced Unicorn Tears on my lips.

Hope you enjoyed my looks as much as I did! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

<3 Polly Rocket

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